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Manga Dolls Beatpop's Case

Todos los miércoles en el Teatro, ven y disfruta de una noche donde las Manga Dolls  guiarán tus sentidos. 

No apto para cardíacos!! 

Manga Dolls 

Venezuelan-based djs, together with the agency Evolution Music have conquered the clubbing scene at different countries such as Colombia, Panamá, México, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, República Dominicana, Dubai, Indonesia, China, Canadá, Alemania, Tunisia, Rusia, Polonia, Aruba, Curazao, USA, Nicaragua and more. In the 2003 MEG started as an individual dj and became the first recognized female dj back home and then as the third best Dj at the Top Djs Venezuela 2005. During this year MEG worked next to musician and producer Tony Funichelly and released four remixes: America Mental, Electro Bajo “0”, Amor Verdadero(remix Willy Colón), We are the Champion(Electro Mix), and this same year was her opening to the International scene being her Colombian tour the first in a top list who came after that. During 2008 created a new single released in the Venezuela Electrónica 2008 Chill Album, and started to work in El Fusible Radio Show next to Armando Toledano. Ngelik started her dj career in 2005 under the guidance of dj Ennio Visconti and dj Irak, who taught her basic techniques and supported her, but wasn’t until 2006 when the first jobs started to came alone. Her International Career begun this year when she worked in Panama City next to MEG and joined the agency. This year worked next to producer dj José Cabello in the no-name original track and released the same year in the Top Djs Venezuela live act and recognized as the fourth best Minimal Electro Dj for this Poll during 2007. During 2008 worked next to dj producer Alejandro Ferrer in a new track they will release during 2009.

Together in 2007 they started to work as Manga Dolls and have appeared on national and international top magazines, newspaper and nightclubs. New projects, new singles are coming their way for the 2009. 

Its time for the Girls to Play!!! 

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Ngelik on Urbe Semanario - 25 to 31 May 2009

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